ORFELD Foldable Grabber Reacher Tool, 32" Reaching Grabber with Long Handy Arm Extension for Reaching Aid

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  • ▲ EASY TO USE - This grabber reacher tool is ideal for picking up everyday objects around the house, the garden bend at the waist, it is perfect for the old, disabled, and healthcare workers.
  • ▲ THREE ADJUSTABLE ANGLES - This grabber reacher tool has three adjustable angles: 45º, 90º, and 180º, you can easily change the angle to pick up objects in high positions or things in the corners, it is very convenient.
  • ▲ DESIGN WITH MAGNET & PORTABLE - Grabber reacher tool features a built-in magnet to pick up small metal objects like pins, needles, clips, and keys; Foldable design makes it easy to transport and store.
  • ▲ IMPROVED LOAD CAPACITY - Inside, a cable is carried that improves the load capacity, and the maximum weight that can be reached reaches 5.5 lbs; The handle is made of very light aluminum alloy thought to be only 265g and is comfortable to grip.

Customer Reviews

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Handy gripper

Had knee surgery and previous grabber broke. This one has an excellent grip. ( picking up pieces of paper) Good quality and easy to grasp for arthritic hands. Lightweight and easy to store. Bends in two.

cynthia ryan
So far so good

I bought this to help my mother grab laundry from her dryer, so she didn’t need to kneel down to get clothes from the back. It serves its purpose. Just got it, so I know nothing about durability.

Inexpensive and sturdy

I can’t reach my microwave. So I got this to try. It is working well. I have a little trouble with the length. It is longer than my arm and I have fl civility problems. So I have to negotiate setting things down after I get them. I can’t reach the item while it is being held by the reacher. But I can pick up a mug of coffe and put it in the microwave and recover it and set it down. Picking heavy things up from the floor is more problematic. The heavy things will slip out. But with some maneuvering I can usually make it work.Care must be taken to not put too much strain on the joints. But for minor duty it us working well. And it isn’t too heavy.

Frank A.
Works For CH Bags

I purchased this due to hurting my back and wanted to use this to help me pick up cornhole bags and it worked perfect at a tournament yesterday.

Al Sutton
It saves my legs and back! Great extra hand!

It works! I no longer have to risk falling or worse just to pick up something off the floor. Not good for lifting heavy objects, though. Light weight and sturdy enough with plenty of grip for weights of a pound or less. If you must lift heavier objects, ask someone else to do the lifting.

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