ORFELD Self Cleaning Slicker Brush, Shedding and Grooming Tool for Pets, for Large Medium Small Sensitive Long or Short Hair Dogs, Cats

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  • 【Reduces Shedding by Up to 95%】 Buyers have proved that it can effectively shed 95% of excess hair from pets. Everyone has pet in family needs to have such a pet grooming brush. It is highly recommended by pet grooming experts.
  • 【For Long & Short Coats】 The 60°bending bristle is flexible to contours to your pet’s body. The long and dense rows bristles will grooming your pet’s hair deeply without scratching their skin.
  • 【Self-cleaning Button】 After brushing your dog or cat, just push the button again, and it will retract to remove all the hair by itself. Steel bristles are available to 100% completely extend out or retract inside. That assures pet’s deeply undercoat grooming reaching and completely easy self-cleaning.
  • 【Comfortably Anti-fatigue Handle】 Our ergonomic designed slicker brush comes with a comfort-grip and anti-slip handle, easy way to use.
  • 【Fits All Pets】 Ideal for both long haired or short haired dogs and cats with thin and thick coats or sensitive skin. Even more, it can increases blood circulation and leaves your pet’s coat soft and shiny.

Customer Reviews

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I bought this brush for my Goldendoodle puppy. I had a "sticker brush" but after reading a few reviews, I was afraid it might be hurting her. I really don't know if the other one was bothering her as she doesn't like being brushed period! I do feel that these bristles are a little softer, however. It's very easy to grip and clean. I'm not sure why one review mentioned that you have to hold the button down to brush the dog. You do not. It's just a click to bring the bristles out and a click to return them to clean the fur off. I highly recommend this!

Nick G.
10 stars if I could

I have a part Maine Coon who is 7 years old and HATES brushes of any kind other than on her head. This brush has 1) been the only brush she has tolerated (I've so far only done her head, back and sides which is a huge success) and 2) gotten a ridiculous amount of hair off. I started her slow and only did about 15 strokes but Holy moly so much hair. I plan to ease her into the rest of her body but I am so impressed so far. Bonus the self cleaning feature is great! I'll update if it falls apart in a month or something but it seems really great.

My Cats Can't Wait Till Their Next Hair Appointment!!

I seldom brushed my three cats except for my long haired one. Each time I would use a regular cat brush/comb and it was such a hassle removing the hair from the brush. I came across this brush while window shopping at ORFELDTech and decided to buy it. It's so easy to use and removing the hair from the brush is super quick.I haven't had it a month yet, so I don't know how long it will last. The cats all seem to love it and don't run away when I use it. I'm glad I bought it.

Love This

I have a German Shepherd Husky mix, and let me tell you, I've tried a BUNCH of different brushes with varying levels of success. The other brand (the Terminator of fur, hint hint) does a good job, but it pulls so much hair and is sloppy with the release, that it makes it frustrating to use.THIS brush, however, is really great. There are a lot of sturdy pins that really get through the matted fur. The brush grabs a LOT of hair, but the best part is that the moment the button is pressed and the pins retract in, ALL of the hair is released in a very organized, connected, bundle of fur. It's super easy to take the hair off and dispose of it without flying all over the place. VERY happy with this brush and the price compared to the others.

Third time's the charm....

1. About 4 years ago, I "rescued" (adopted) an Australian Cattle Dog from the local Humane Society. His name was "Springsteen;" but I changed it to "Bruce," bc I thought the former was a bit much (but maybe he'd recognize the latter, so I wouldn't be starting over, from scratch.2. Cool dog; but a crazy-bad fur coat. It's made up of a very straight, sorta coarse, very temporary, outer coat and a downy-fine undercoat. If I don't brush him, he sheds hair EVERYWHERE.....3. I've tried NUMEROUS different style brushes, all with fairly poor results. Did I mention he sheds like a mo-fo? He does....4. I decided to try -- one more time -- to find an brush that effectively "de-sheds" his hairy ace, and took a chance on THIS brush.5. I can say, without a DOUBT, it has been the ONLY brush that (i) gets both the outside and inside coats; (ii) makes it easy to remove & dispose of the shedded hair (bc it does it the instant you press & release the 'cleaning button.' The bristles retract up into the plastic 'body' of the brush, and leave the brusher with a little fur waffle. Voila'!: a wad of dog hair, a clean(er) dog, and a cleaned brush!6. Now, I ain't sayin' it gets ALL the excess hair my sheddin' dog will throw (It don't...). But, based on the hair waffles it cranks out, it's a helluva good brush, a helluva a good buy, and a helluva lot better than having all those hair waffle all over my floors, carpet and furniture!

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