8Pods Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Garden Kit With LED Grow Light and Silent Pump


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Discover the Indoor Gardening System - grow plants 5x faster than soil with scientific methods and nutrient support.Enjoy a soil-free and pollution-free herb garden with 8 pods for diverse plant cultivation.The 36-Watt high-efficiency grow lights ensure rapid and robust plant growth.With 16H full sunlight exposure, experience abundant harvests and natural growth.
  • 【FAST & EFFICIENT GROWTH】Experience 5x faster plant growth with our Hydroponics Growing System. No soil mess, just natural water cultivation!
  • 【YEAR-ROUND HERB GARDEN】Enjoy a continuous supply of fresh herbs and veggies all year long. Perfect for cooking and crafting fun cocktails!
  • 【EDUCATIONAL GIFT】Inspire children's curiosity with this educational gift. Observe the fascinating growth process while learning about plants.
  • 【SMART LED LIGHTING】Energy-efficient 36-Watt LED grow lights mimic day and night cycles, promoting rapid and healthy plant development.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT】An ideal gift for anyone - children, lovers, or mothers. It brings joy, health, and the joy of gardening to your loved ones!

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely thrilled Easy setup

Smart eight-branch hydroponic grow light Product arrived in good condition and was easy to setup.

Totally impressed Workhorse

Precision eight-hole hydroponic lighting technology I like the ease of installing. How the seeds germinates quickly and the beauty it add to the room.

Aisling D.
Ecstatically delighted Would definitely order again!

Eight-hole full-spectrum plant-specific spectrum light Super fast shipping. Really happy with purchase, i bought an aero garden indoor system for double this price & this is just as amazing!!! Be advised it does not come with seeds

Unbelievably satisfied Top 3 small hydroponics

Smart spectrum-tailored eight-cavity hydroponic grow light with versatile settings and advanced spectrum management I start the seeds with the 8 pod and this one has been reliable for three months straight

Joshua Yang
Incredibly pleased Really cool

Eight-port versatile spectrum-tailored plant-specific spectrum illumination This is a really nice easy to use product. Its very exciting to watch the different plants grow.

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