Adirondack Chair, HOMPANY Foldable Plastic Outdoor Lounge Deck Chairs, Camel Gray

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Product Parameters:

  1. Material: Plastic -High Density Polyethylene(HDPE)
  2. Dimension: 30"W x 34.4"D x 36"H
  3. Weight Capacity: Max 330lbs
  4. Backrest Degree: Ergonomic 110 degree
  5. Color: Camel Gray
  6. Used Outdoor: Garden, Yard, Deck, Campfire, Beach etc

Main Features:

  • 4.7" wide armrest adirondack chair lets your arms put on comfortably and can also put on drinks
  • Easy to clean & waterproof, wipe with damp cloth 
  • 2 Upgraded locks makes it stable and sturdy
  • Folding patio chair, easy to pick up and used outdoor
  • Safe and odorless material HDPE, keep health
  • Ergonomic design, 110 degrees angle makes everyone feel comfortable and safe

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Dan Neuville
Please Read First

I purchased 4 of these chairs in Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Light Blue. The Orange and Yellow are not as bright as they appear, but still attractive. Once assembled, the chairs are incredibly comfortable and sturdy.Assembly is time consuming with the tools they provide; so best to use a wrench of your own. I’d suggest a drill too, but if you operate too fast it could split the material. The instructions were fine, however nothing was labeled correctly. Part J was labeled E, F was I, and so on. It was like this for all 4. Assembling the first one was a bit of a chore. Once done, I laid out all the pieces for the rest which made for easier comprehension and assembly. Not all of the parts have receiving pre-drilled holes. So you have to apply some pressure to ensure the screws make it through the PVC material. This makes me question the long-term durability of the chairs if all it takes to screw it together is pressure. The chain is merely decorative and not functional. Their advice not to tighten all of the bolts is spot on, it helps to get the chair semi-assembled and propped up, then tightened in a sequence.I do plan to buy two more in light green and red. I wish there was a purple so I could get them in a rainbow. Overall - sturdy and super comfortable. Just takes time to assemble, instructions/labels are likely off, so set yourself up first and it’ll go smoother for you.

R Acton
Great chairs

Bought these chairs for around our fire pit. They're sturdy and well worth the price paid.

Nice chairs

UPDATED REVIEW:Customer service got back to me pretty quickly and said there were not suppose to be pilot holes and that I could screw the pieces directly in and it wouldn't affect the warranty so I went about putting the first chair together. It was pretty straight forward except for me putting a couple of bolts in backwards and then I had to take things apart and put them in correctly. The second chair should go smoother and quicker.They are really nice, sturdy chairs. Finally, an Adirondack chair that won't fly away and get busted in the wind!I just opened my boxes and started putting one of the chairs together. The pilot holes to screw part J onto part B (side supports onto the upper back of the chair) are not there. Although I could drill my own pilot holes, it specifically says that any alteration of the product will void the warranty. I also run the risk of drilling the holes incorrectly. In the assembly video it shows these pieces already attached to the back piece so not sure what's going on. I contacted Hompany and they were willing to ship out new ones but we both figured the new shipment would be the same way. I've contacted Hompany customer service and will update this review once I hear back from them.Other than this hiccup, all pieces arrived in good condition with no cracks, breaks, etc. and all of the parts were included in my boxes. It seems to be of high quality materials (think more plastic content trex). I got the dark gray ones and I like the color. I spent a lot of time figuring out which brand of chairs to buy and went with this one... which is disappointing - it's like I wasted a couple hours of my life that I'll never get back - haha.

Great chair and comfortable too.

This was super easy to put together. It’s very sturdy and will not blow around in our windy backyard. Love the color too. Worked perfect for us. My only thought is it doesn’t seem rasy to fold up. But I might be doing it wrong.

Jimmy p
Great product

Order 8 of black chairs, just wanted to let people know had absolutely no missing parts everything was perfect...

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