Automatic Chicken Coop Door, Light Sensor Chicken Coop Door for All Coops, Sensitive Lifting, Weatherproof for Outdoor and Indoor


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CAUTUM light sensor automatic chicken coop door - Guard the poultry's warm home. 

Automatic light induction - There is no need for daily supervision.

Turn it on or off by blocking the sensor as you wish - No worry about loss caused by induction failure.

Slow lift mechanism - No hurt to the chicken by accident.

Your durable chicken coop door - Works well even in extreme weather.

Product Parameters:
  1. Material: Polypropylene
  2. Product Dimensions: 9.45"L x 1.45"W x 13.78"H
  3. Gap Size: 1.6 inches
  4. Product Weight: 1.08 pounds
  5. Color: Brown
  6. Batteries: 3 AA batteries required. (included)
  • 【The Most Reliable for Farming】With a sensitive light sensor, CAUTUM chicken coop door opens and closes automatically with sunrise and sunset, ensuring chickens run freely in a safe space and freeing your hands.
  • 【Chickens Friendly】With an automatic lift that runs smoothly, the chicken door protects chickens in times of danger! Perfect speed won't hurt your chickens.
  • 【Extremely Robustness】Designed by a single-door, CAUTUM coop door is less likely to be knocked open and protects your poultry away from predators.
  • 【Long-term Guard】With the unique 3-battery slot design, CAUTUM chicken coop door has higher endurance than any other coop door on the market.
  • 【Fit All Coops】Perfectly sized to protect all standard-size breeds of chickens, hens, and ducks, etc.
  • 【Exclusive Fun of Farming】Come with a waterproof cork sticker set that can be used to record chick growth cycles, fun events during breeding, battery usage time, etc.
  • 【All-season Use】CAUTUM chicken door can withstand all kinds of bad weather and will protect your poultry from the elements.

Customer Reviews

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Buyers beware

Don’t buy this product unless you want to replace it within 6 months. I purchased this in April of 2023 and by November 2023 the door started malfunctioning. Website states it come with 1 year warranty but when I called to request a replacement they would not honor the warranty. I did purchase through Walmart website. Walmart said to contact the company and the company said to contact Walmart. Don’t waste your hard earned money on a product that the company will not stand by.

Don Sellers
In love with Did not last 1 full year. Batteries needed to be changed every 2-3 months.

Easy coop setup It only lasted about 11 months. Batteries needed to be replaced every 2-3 months. It was great in the beginning until it stopped working. For that amount of money I would have expected it to last longer.

Versatile Really happy with this door

Reduced manual labor I've used another chicken door for years and it's always had issues. I finally got tired of my chickens being locked out and purchased this one. Super happy that I did. The install was crazy easy. It's easy to program and it works! Really happy I bought this.

justin peterkin
Ecstatically in love with and thankful Great value and quality

Automated coop temperature control I love that the cord comes about from the charging block. Great value and quality. It fits nicely in a medium purse.

Eagerly enchanted Great part!

Pest-free coop environment This charger was what I needed for my laptop.

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