CAUTUM Bamboo Plastic Wrap Dispenser, 6 in 1 Food Bag Sorting Box, Storage Organizer for Kitchen Drawer


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CAUTUM bamboo foil and wrap storage box is a creative product for your kitchen organizer with a wrap dispenser. It's also a food bag sorting box with 6 cells of multi-function usage. 4 slots for food bags or baggies, 2 slots for wrap. You can put it in the drawer or hang it on the wall. The natural material food bag sorting box is thick and sturdy with more storage space for all types of bags like tin foil, plastic wrap, Ziploc, fruit/vegetable/nut/sandwich bags, etc. To make your kitchen life easier, neat, and organized by using this wonderful foil and wrap dispenser!


What you can get:

  • 1 x 6-in-1 Foil and Wrap Dispenser

Product Parameters:

  1. Material: Bamboo
  2. Size: L 16.5" x W 13" x H 2.9"
  3. Color: Natural wood/ bamboo
  4. Shape: Rectangle
  5. Applicable Occasion: Put in the drawer or hang it on the wall
  6. Applicable Objects: Parchment paper, tin foil, plastic wrap, ziploc, fruit/vegetable bags, nut bags, sandwich bags


  • [Easy to Use] No need to assemble it, this plastic wrap dispenser is easy to use, just put your plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper in this dispenser
  • [Eco-friendly Material] The storage organizer is made of natural bamboo, this food bag sorting box is renewable, strong and durable.
  • [Functional Design] 6 in 1 design makes the plastic wrap dispenser multi-functional to sort your plastic wrap, food bag, aluminum foil etc easily.
  • [Large Capacity] This plastic wrap dispenser is able to contain six wraps with three different sizes. 
  • [Good Gift Choice] It's also a good gift for every family for kitchen sorting with dispensing food wraps. This storage organizer makes your kitchen life tidy and convenient.

Customer Reviews

Based on 271 reviews
Storage for sandwich bags

It's very well-made and can hold a lot of bags. My only issue is that I wish the little container could be attached with predrilled holes. Overall, it's very nice.

I absolutely love it!

It works perfectly hanging on my pantry door, freeing up drawer space for other items.

Love it!

This product is of excellent quality and cuts saran wrap, tin foil, and parchment paper with ease! I even bought one for my daughter, and she loves it too!


I love that the two pieces can be attached to each other.

An excellent solution for crowded kitchen drawers

After remodeling our kitchen, we wanted to keep the island drawers for utensils, but this organizer allowed us to free up a larger drawer. We mounted it on the wall in our small pantry under the stairs, and it was incredibly easy to install. The bags and wraps are now out of sight but still look great when we open the pantry door.


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