Pyukix Juicer Small Masticating Juicer for Fruits and Vegetables Powerful Juice Extractor Machine Compact Size and Space-Saving (Updated)


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Cold Press Juicer, Pyukix Small Masticating Juicer for Fruits and Vegetables, Powerful Juice Extractor Machine with Compact Size and Space-Saving Feature, Very Easy to Clean (Updated)
Easy to carry, Easy to clean, Space-saving, Compact, Upgraded Juicing Program

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Janice Morrison
Pulp gets too messy

ItĄŻs wonderful and easy to use until the motor goes out.See video.There is a plastic part at the top that has been broken itĄŻs like it chipped while being used.

Yaritzza Gonzalez
Mala calidad del producto

By the third time that I used the juicer, black pieces from the bottom of the strainer piece broke off into my juice.Which I found very weird.I didn't use it everyday, imagine if I did.

An Eye-Catching Set

Only problem that has happened with this is that volume markers on the cup that holds the juice is wearing off.As it stands I would say it does about 85 to 90% of most items that we put in converting into juice.Any tip where I could find?.

A Juicer of Excellence

It is very quite while working.It yields more juice than my ninja machine.It`s our first juicer machine but we are already in love with it.This

Travis Robinson
Juicing in Peace

I dislike that the same thing broke on the machine.I ordered my juicer and read the instruction manual last night.I love the product.The last time I juiced, I used a large 2 cup glass measuring cup instead of the juice cup

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