Slow Masticating Juicer for Cold Press, Easy to Clean & Use, Celery Juice Extractor, Wheatgrass Juice Extractor, High Juice Yield & Fresh Taste (Silver)


颜色: Silver
Sale price$199.99


Choose ORFELD Juicer. Live a healthy lifestyle!
ORFELD slow juicer fully grinds up to 95% of fruit and vegetable juice yields. Getting the nutrients you need through recommended daily foods can be difficult. With our product ORFELD Juicer, it provides extra nutrients that lacks in your daily diet. It is recommended to gain nutrition mainly from vegetables, supplemented by fruits.

Based on a method that minimizes oxygen and heat exposure, it effectively retains the nutrients, color and aroma of ingredients.

Here are the top benefits of juice:

Improves Nutrient Absorption and Vitamin Supplementation
Helps Liver Detoxify
Lower Blood Sugar Levels
Improves Your Skin
Boost Immunity
Cleans the Stomach and Promotes Digestion
Improve Appetite

Specific Details:
Special Feature:Portable
Product Dimensions:16.81"D x 12.87"W x 7.72"H
Wattage:800 watts
Product Dimensions:16.81 x 12.87 x 7.72 inches
Item Weight:9.97 pounds
Color: Silver

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
angela cherie bergeron
VERY good buy

I loved it. It works perfect, looks very aesthetic, brings the brush to clean the filter. Very good

arthur erhart
Buy it at

I love zero noise and it is beautiful and perfect.

Marlene K
Great machine!

I love the item

army wife
Can juice greens

I'm very happy with this juicer. I was looking for one that could juice spinach and carrots. It does this easily. Skinny carrots work best as far ones can get stuck. The juice is vibrant green and orange and delicious. No pulp in the juice. Easy to assemble. Easy to clean up it's just takes a few minutes for all the different parts.

Ivan Handler
Love it!

Really love it! First and foremost it’s so easy to clean!!!! I’ve had quite few more expensive juicers, and hated the cleaning part. This one takes few min and I’m done! it’s small, I like that I don’t need a lot storage for this, great for family of 4! While juicing kale or spinach you kind of have to give it a little push, but I feel like it’s always the case with these. Also easy to put it together!

I’ve been juicing over a month now, and just love this juicer!

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