Wireless Endoscope, 6 LED Lights Borescope Camera, 7.9mm 3 in 1 USB Snake Camera, IP67 Inspection Camera for OTG Android, iPhone (10ft, Type-C, Micro, Lightning)


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Featuring a 7.9mm integrated probe with an innovative design, the HD camera and Wi-Fi seamlessly merge within this probe's durable structure, resulting in a compact, portable solution. Enjoy stable Wi-Fi image transmission powered by an advanced chip, offering a 20FPS/s transfer rate on the 2.4GHz frequency; simply download the app on your phone for real-time viewing. The product boasts high compatibility, equipped with a Type-C, Micro, Lightning 3-in-1 adapter power supply interface that works with 99% of mobile devices on the market, making it effortlessly powered. With an IP67 waterproof rating and 6 built-in LED lights that adjust in brightness, this Wi-Fi endoscope inspection camera is ready to tackle underwater challenges and dimly lit areas while resisting corrosion and wear. Ideal for various applications, this Wi-Fi snake camera is your reliable tool for home appliance inspections, plumbing maintenance, and more. It even comes with a small hook for reaching inaccessible items, making it an essential asset for home improvement enthusiasts.
  • 【Innovative Integration】 Our 7.9mm integrated probe cleverly combines a durable design with an HD camera and Wi-Fi. It's compact, small, and easy to carry.
  • 【Smooth Wi-Fi Viewing】 Using the latest Wi-Fi technology, our camera transmits real-time images to your phone at 20FPS/s on the 2.4GHz frequency. Just download the App to instantly see what's happening.
  • 【Universal Compatibility】 Equipped with a Type-C, Micro, and Lightning 3-in-1 adapter power supply interface, it works with 99% of mobile devices available. This Wi-Fi industrial borescope is hassle-free to power up.
  • 【Ready for Any Environment】 This Wi-Fi endoscope inspection camera is sealed with special glue, making it waterproof and resistant to wear and corrosion. With 6 adjustable LED lights, it handles underwater challenges and dim areas with ease.
  • 【Versatile Applications】 This Wi-Fi snake camera is your tool for home appliance inspections, plumbing maintenance, and more. It even comes with a small hook for reaching inaccessible items. A must-have for home improvement tasks!

Customer Reviews

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Robert Moore
Supreme build and materials Great buy for the money

Precision internal examination. It was easy to set up took all of 2 mins and I was in business. Good picture quality and pictures and videos are a plus that you dont get on hand held screens at this price. Buy it you wont be disappointed.

Outstanding durability and materials Easy to setup - Great picture

Enhanced inspection capabilities. I mainly purchased this Endoscope to look inside bird nest boxes we have installed in a nature reserve to help our Native Birds. It works well very good picture . my only "Con" is that the stiff and unbending camera head is longer than expected which limits its ability to go around a sharp bend. When I poke it through the box opening and then have it shaped to look down its too close to the bottom of the box to get a true look at the entire box contents (I have almost touched the bird nestling's) I have looked at many other brands and it seem that most are also just as long. As a simple endoscope this is very effective.

Olivia Smith
Top-rated value proposition Good for inspecting car for rust

State-of-the-art borescope technology. I wanted to check my car for rust on the inside of engine block and fenders and was very easy to use this tool to slide into hard to reach places

Lily Walker
Ultimate convenience For the at home mechanic

Borescope's multi-functionality. Just replaced an alternator and wish I had this. It has a magnet for recovering dropped bolts. Helps see tight spaces too. Simple to use

Daniel Roberts
Top-rated performance and reliability Great for house owners

Inspection efficiency with borescope. Bought this for our crawl space because I didnt want to crawl under there to see if we had any water damage. Its so convenient because it plugs right into my iPhone and the image quality is pretty clear as well, saves me from having to get dirty and its so slim that it easily fits into my vents as well

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