HOMPANY Dehumidifier, 38oz 1100ml Dehumidifiers, 2200 Cubic feet 240sq ft Dehumidifier with 7 Colors LED Light and Auto Shut-off for Basements, Bathroom, Bedroom


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HOMPANY Efficient Dehumidifier Brings You a Comfortable & Healthy Home!


Do You Suffer Constantly in The State of Fatigue?

  • This is a manifestation of your body's excessive moisture. Long-term exposure to a humid environment can cause people to suffer from drowsiness, fatigue, loose skin, joint pain, hair loss, etc.

What Can HOMPANY Upgraded Dehumidifier Do for You?

  • Remove excess moisture from the bedroom, bathroom, living room, closet, or basement.
  • It effectively regulates air humidity and makes you feel comfortable.
  • Keeps clothes dry and clean by removing excess moisture from the air.
  • Eradicates condensation of your windows, and reduces staining, discoloring, and even peeling of your walls.
  • Give your family a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment.

Product Parameters:

  • Size: 6.02*6.02*9.45inch
  • Adapter: DC9V-2.5A
  • Power: 23W
  • Noise<30dB
  • Coverage area: 240sq ft
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.1L
  • Working Capacity: About 300ml/D(30 C,RH80%)
  • Applicable Occasion: Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Office, Closet, Basement,etc


  • 🌎【Ideal Partner for Refined People】HOMPANY dehumidifier specially designed for cosmetics, closets, clothes, leathers, and jewelry maintenance needs.
  • 🌎【Perfect Life Changer】Say goodbye to emptying the water tank every day, and don't worry about coming home from a short trip with a damp room.
  • 🌎【Comfort Not Over Dry】Too dry or too wet is harmful to your health, after reasonable output adjustment, the HOMAPNY dehumidifier makes your room comfortable but not overly dry.
  • 🌎【Accompany without Disturb】Less than 35 dB of operation noise ensures not to disturb your work, study, or sleep. Perfect for the office, bedroom, and study room.
  • 🌎【A Dehumidifier and A Artwork】The winner of the 2021 red dot award with unique design language makes the HOMPANY dehumidifier fit every corner of your home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
This effective little unit does the job.

This dehumidifier is exactly what I was looking for, and it achieved all my expectations and more. It works great, the price is good, and I would definitely recommend it.

I'm satisfied with this product.

I was worried I would have to spend a lot to fix a mold problem in my bathroom, but this dehumidifier fixed it. I highly recommend it.

I'm in love with this excellent product.

This dehumidifier exceeded all my expectations and works great. The price is good, and I would definitely recommend it.

It works great and looks nice.

This dehumidifier is great for a bathroom, and the tank fills up in about a week timeframe. It has a modern compact look.

I was happy with it, at first.

It runs relatively quiet on high speed and nearly noiseless on low speedit's a powerful little machine.

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