Men's Heated Vest with Battery Pack (Black,XXL)


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This heated vest is a revolution in warmth. With 8 individual heating zones, personalized comfort is at your fingertips. Control neck, chest, and back warmth separately, enjoy three heat levels, and feel the rapid, soothing heat in seconds. Crafted from lightweight waterproof nylon, it features premium YKK zippers and discreet pockets, redefining outdoor comfort. Embrace winter like never before - stay cozy, stay in control.
  • Intelligent Heating Zones: Equipped with 8 independent heating zones strategically placed throughout the vest, our Heated Vest ensures efficient and even distribution of warmth, keeping you cozy in targeted areas.
  • Customizable Heating: With three dedicated buttons, you have precise control over the heating zones. Adjust the warmth for your neck, chest, and back independently, tailoring the experience to your preferences.
  • Adjustable Heat Levels: Choose from three levels of heat intensity to match your comfort needs. Whether you need a gentle warmth or an extra cozy feeling, the Heated Vest has you covered. Rapid Heating: Experience the luxury of quick warmth. Thanks to advanced heating technology, you'll feel the soothing heat within seconds, providing instant relief from the cold. Lightweight and Waterproof: Crafted from lightweight and durable waterproof nylon fabric, the Heated Vest is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring you stay comfortable regardless of the environment.

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John Wilson
Exceptional quality and performance!

I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the Men's Heated Vest. The battery pack lasts for a long time and the heat is evenly distributed. The vest is well-constructed and keeps me warm in chilly weather without any discomfort. The XXL size fits perfectly and the black color looks stylish. This vest is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts!

Michaela Adams
Highly effective and comfortable!

I can't say enough good things about this Men's Heated Vest. It is an excellent investment for anyone who spends time outdoors in cold weather. The battery pack provides consistent warmth for hours and the vest itself is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The XXL size fits me well and the black color is sleek. Don't hesitate, buy this vest!

Benjamin Cooper
Fantastic heated vest! The battery pack lasts for a long time and the heat is evenly distributed

I am extremely impressed with the performance of this Men's Heated Vest. The battery pack lasts for a long time and the heat is evenly distributed. The vest is well-made, durable, and fits perfectly. It keeps me warm in freezing temperatures while allowing freedom of movement. This is by far the best heated vest I have ever owned!

Olivia Hall
Great for outdoor activities! The Men's Heated Vest has exceeded my expectations

As an avid hiker, I needed a reliable heated vest for my outdoor adventures. The Men's Heated Vest has exceeded my expectations. The battery pack provides long-lasting heat and the vest itself is comfortable and breathable. The black color and XXL size make it look stylish and the adjustable settings allow me to customize the warmth. Highly recommended!

Liam Turner
Outstanding product!

I can't express how satisfied I am with this Men's Heated Vest. It has become an essential part of my winter wardrobe. The battery pack keeps me warm for hours, even in freezing temperatures. The vest is well-designed, lightweight, and provides excellent insulation. The XXL size fits perfectly and the black color is versatile. I highly recommend this vest to everyone!

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