ORFELD Dehumidifier, 30oz(860ml) Dehumidifiers for Home, 2200 Cubic Feet(240sq ft) Small Dehumidifier with 7 Colors LED Light, Portable and Quiet Dehumidifier

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  • Combination kit: Get a mini dehumidifier for free. It can be placed in any cabinet at home and will work for 20 to 30 days on a full charge until the blue silicone beads turn red. It is very convenient and has a working area of 300 cubic feet.
  • Efficient dehumidification, excellent dehumidification performance: Orfeld's upgraded compact dehumidifier is equipped with semiconductor dehumidifier technology and a 360-degree dehumidifier. It can remove 600ml-650ml (20-22ounces) of water from the air at 86°F and 80% RH. It's suitable for 100 to 500 square feet. A large capacity 1650ml (56oz) tank can be continuously dehumidified in 24 hours.
  • Multi-function design: more intelligent two working modes, the daytime mode can be set during the day, high-speed dehumidification, rapid reduction of humidity, noise level at 30 to 40 decibels. At night, you can set the low-speed mute mode to ensure that the dehumidifier runs quietly so that you can enjoy a sound sleep, the noise level is less than 30 dB.
  • Create the ideal comfortable environment: a dehumidifier allows you to live at a healthy humidity level of 50-60%. More than 70 percent have health problems. ORFELD dehumidifiers can absorb formaldehyde, mold, dust, and particles from the air, allowing dry, fresh, healthy air to be transmitted to all corners of the home, creating a healthy and comfortable home.
  • High performance and features: our dehumidifier through various environmental tests and drop tests, to ensure the quality of products at the same time, we also guarantee effective dehumidification, low noise, energy-saving, as well as the automatic shutdown function, and we have seven color LEDs, the design is novel, lock your favorite color, accord with the style of your home.
  • Recommended Environment Settings: Dehumidification performance depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment. The optimum operating temperature of the dehumidifier is 59-86℉, not lower than 41℉. Recommended environment: Temperature>59℉, Humidity>35%.
  • After-sales: we have instructions and warranty services, 12 months if you have any questions or do not understand the place, welcome to contact our after-sales department at any time.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Laliberte
Disapointing Customer Service

I have contacted them but gotten no results - not asking for a replacement - out of stock - just an explanation why TWO units do not do what they were purchased for. Would not buy anything from this brand again


We bought two - the colors change as stated however, the unit does not dehumidify the two bathrooms they were bought for. No idea how to make these work? Exactly the same unit - what am I missing?


I'm in love with this unit.It's quiet, has great airflow and what I really like is the colors...I didn't realize this before getting it, but it lights up different colors!Fantastic feature that really adds to the room I have it in.Nice product - safe buy if you're in the market for a dehumidifier.

Small present

I bought this small dehumidifier is for present. I tested before I give it to my aunt. I used over night and I see about 1 inch water in the bucket. I was surprising I thought my home is pretty dry. I try it out in a small room because my aunt’s room is small too. BUT it does the work. When I turn it on does has little sound, but not too bother. And my aunt is happy with the gift.

Kiki Shubert
Good for RV common area.

It’s quiet and the colors are nice and calming. They can be turned off if you like. We use it in our RV on the counter. It doesn’t take up too much space! Room feels drier and keeps our windows clear of condensation.

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