ORFELD Portable Ozone Generator, HOMPANY Mini Ozone Generator with LED Indicator Light for Car, Shoe Cabinet, Wardrobe, Room, RV, Pet Home


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We Life Needs Ozone
Now you can use portable ozone machines to freshen, clean, and remove odors.
Designed for use in a variety of environments, this small but powerful machine produces an impressive 5mg of ozone per hour. Use it to refresh and eliminate odors in everything from the kitchen and bedroom to everyday fruit, toys, vegetables, drinking water and more. Programmable timer and multiple stone diffusers anticipate your every application, giving you peace of mind as you purify anything in an instant. Science and innovation for a healthy and happy life.

Purifying air and water: This ozone purifier can not only be used to purify water, tableware fruits and vegetables, but also used remove the bad smell or odor of rooms, toilets and pets.
Large Ozone Output:This Ozone purifier is portable and lightweight unit, over 5mg/h,Ozone water can be used to clean hands, skin, face,foods.
Convenient to use: the lightweight and compact design makes it easy to move from the living kitchen to the room for easy access. Wall-mounted design saves you a lot of space.
Complete O3 Air Purifier Package - Included 1 Detachable Tubes & 2 Grey Diffuser Stones for a Variety of home room kitchen office.
Easy to Operate: Touch power button lightly,the purifier enter the working state,and the display panel shows 00,can be set working time of product at the same time,each lightly touch timing key UP or timing key DOWN,timingincreases or decreases by 5 min.Maximum setting 60 minutes.

Ozone output:5mg/h
Power Source 0.5W 5V1A
Item Dimensions:LxH 3.4 x 5.1 inches
Item Weight:0.4LB
Water ozone:Yes

Wide range of application scenarios:
1. Purify drinking water for wild camping.
2. Remove residual impurities in vegetables and fruits.
3. Deodorize the bottle after cleaning.
4. Purify the air in the office and keep the air fresh.
5. Eliminate unpleasant odors from household air, including cats, dogs and other pets.
6. Neutralize cooking odors and eliminate unpleasant odors caused by onions, spices, cooking oil, fish, etc.
7. Purify the aquarium and provide a healthier living environment.
8. Eliminate smoke from cigarettes, cigars, wood-burning fireplaces and house fires.
Color: White
Material: ABS
Interface: Type C
Charger Certification: CE
Batteries Included: Yes
Batteries Required: 1pc LR44 Button Cell
Power Supply: Battery Powered (batteries included)

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Raymond S. Flee
Muy buena inversion

Larger reservoir is nice. Does a great job of removing moisture from the building we put it in.

Stephanie yeadaker
Make sure you open windows after using and leave room unoccupied while it airs out

Love the fresh smell in the spare bedroom after use

Denise Ybarra
This is a good product!

I have several of these. They do a great job of eliminating odors around the house or during travel (hotel rooms). Also, this seller is very responsive if you ever have questions or need support.

Aja Brown
Love it.

Only 4 weeks in, run it intermittently through the day, makes the air crisp and clean. And I have a cat!

R P.
Their customer service is one of the best.

I had an issue with the device not outputting any zone. I emailed customer service and within min I had a response. I sent them the information they needed to research what might be possibly going wrong. Within no time Laura in customer service had a replacement sent. You can’t ask for a better, Customer Service.

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